Application of Student Bodies Using on-campus Venues for Organizing Non-profitable Sale Student Ameninities Section - CUHK

Application for Activity Eng


Student bodies should obey the following rules and guidelines when they organize any non-profitable sale / welfare sale activities at campus venues.

  1. Student bodies who would like to organize any non-profitable sale / welfare sale activities at campus venues should obtain an approval / endorsement of the University via officers of Office of Student Affairs / Development officers of the Colleges.
  2. The aims of the sale activities should be specific and clear. Annual expense should NOT be the aim of the sale activities.
  3. Any publication or advertisement should be handled by the student bodies only.
  4. The person-in charge of the activities should submit the activity and financial report to Office of Student Affairs or the Colleges by the designated dates. Besides, the student bodies are responsible to disclose the documents to their members.

Notes to the applicants

  1. No commercial promotion activities
    • Mega sale of drinks
    • Sale activities for promotional package of a traveling agency
    • Sale of new magazines
  2. Office bearers should be fully responsible for the activities
  3. The applicants should enclose detailed activity plans/proposals and budget, including how to spend the surplus, such as organizing a free health talk to CUHK students, an University trip for new immigrated kids, etc
  4. Approval of sale activities is NOT equal to venue approval.
  5. Student bodies should be responsible to prevent food poisoning. Any prevention measures should be listed in the proposals in detail. (Prevention of Bacteria Food Poisoning)

Application Procedure

  1. Application form is downloadable at
    (For affiliated student bodies of Student Union, CUHK only)
  2. Applications should be submitted to the Student Service Centres of Office of Student Affairs in Benjamin Franklin Centre 1/F (9am - 1pm, 2 - 5pm).
    (For affiliated student bodies of College, applications should be submitted to the respective College Dean of Students' Office)
  3. Application should be submitted to OSA before approaching CUSU for venue booking. Venue booking will not be confirmed unless Fundraising Approval Letter is presented to CUSU Counter Colleague.
  4. Rule violation of venue usage would be subjected to CUSU and OSA penalty at the same time.
  5. The venue availability is subject to the CUSU decision.