The Providence Foundation Outward Bound (UG) Programme Student Ameninities Section - CUHK

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The Providence Foundation donates scholarships, bursaries as well as outward bound awards to tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.  The Foundation sponsors some CUHK students to participate in a 7-day Outward Bound Training in Outward Bound Hong Kong each year.              



The programme aims at developing and improving participants’ decision making, communication, leadership, problem solving and team-building skills.



Candidates should

  • be aged between 17-25;
  • be proficient in written English;
  • have good academic background and common sense;
  • be in good health condition;
  • have good team spirit, leadership and organization skills; and
  • be an undergraduate in any discipline but preference will be given to business students.  



This is a 7-day programme which will be held in May/early June.  Further details of the programme will be furnished to the successful candidates in future.



Selected candidates will be required to:

  • sign an undertaking;
  • attend the pre-programme briefing in mid-late April;

  • attend all sessions of the 7-day Outward Bound Training;

  • submit individual and group post-training reports within 4 weeks upon completion of the programme; and

  • abide by all instructions and regulations stipulated by the Office of Student Affairs, the Outward Bound School and the Providence Foundation.



Successful candidates will be notified by the Office of Student Affairs in April, upon approval of the Providence Foundation.



Application closed