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Due to COVID-19, the opening hours or the use of venue may altered without prior notice.

Venues for Registered Student Associations and Departments

Location Name of venue



Maximum capacity under COVID-19(no. of persons) Reservation Time Equipment provided Use Photo for Reference
Room 305 Conference Room 28 5 9:00am – 10:00pm, Mon - Fri Table and chairs For seminars and meetings Room 305
Room 306

Student Activity Room

54 20 9:00am – 10:00pm, Mon - Sun Table and chairs For seminars, meetings and various extra-curricular activities Room 306a
Room 306bRoom 306c

LG13A and LG13B

Conference Hall / Rehearsal Room
User Guidelines
193 50 9:00am-10:00pm, Mon-Sun Table and chairs

For seminars, meetings and rehearsals

BFC LG13A resized

BFC LG13B resized




Promotion Areas for Registered Student Associations and Departments

Items Time Limit for Borrowing Remarks Photo for Reference
Exhibition Hall

7 consecutive days

Located on G/F, Benjamin Franklin Centre, consist of six areas (Area No. 1-6). Each area is about 144 square feet. BFC Lobby Exhibition Areas
Exhibition Gallery: Fixed Poster Board

14 consecutive days

   Exhibition Gallery Fixed Poster Board 20180904 IMG 2193


User Guidelines

Please click here for details.


Booking Procedure of Facilities


Reservations of venues and equipment at Benjamin Franklin Centre could be made via the Office of Student Affairs’ Online Booking System. Please observe the relevant rules and guidelines stated in the Online Facilities Booking System.


Equipment is also available for reservation at Benjamin Franklin Centre. Please click here for details.


Services Units at BFC

Room LG12 Convenience Store