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The orientation camps (o’camp) of the university are mainly organized by senior-year students. The “Joint Committee on New Student Orientation” provides students with guidance and support with secretarial support from the Student Development and Resources Section of the Office of Students Affairs. Its main services include coordinating the application and promotion of o’camp during the Orientation Day, providing trainings for organizing committees, as well as coordinating hostel, transport and venue, etc.


College Orientation Camp

At CUHK, we are proud of our unique college system that enriches our university experience. Every summer, orientation camp committee of each College organizes their own orientation camp with an aim to help new students develop a sense of belonging to the College they are affiliated to. In the orientation camp, you will find out more about your college such as its culture and morals. You will also meet new friends from the same College of different majors and year of study. When the 4-day camp is over, your College will probably feel like a big family to you!


Faculty/Department Orientation Camp

A camp is organized by the student society of your own faculty/department. It will help you understand your faculty / department better and give you an opportunity to know more about your profession and your future career. You will also make friends with students from the same faculty / department who will grow and learn with you through the coming years. Those friendships may last for a life time!

These two orientation camps have different objectives and bring different benefits. You are strongly recommended to take part in both of them to kick off a fruitful life at CUHK.



New students can apply for the Big and Small O'camps after the release of Jupas Result every year. Please visit the Orientation Website of the University for details.


Orientation Website