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“Leaders are made not born: Many behavioural theories believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning and observation.”



Aims of the Scheme

Student Leader Training Scheme (SLTS) provides a platform to the participants (mainly committee members of student bodies / organizers of student activities) to achieve below 4 goals (S-L-T-S) through camps, workshops and field visits:

  1. To enhance self-understanding and self-confidence (SELF);
  2. To increase empathy and learn how to establish a harmony and close liaison with teammates (LIAISON);
  3. To understand team role and enhance teamwork relation (TEAM) ;
  4. To acquire problem solving skills and some core skills on budget control and cost effectiveness to manage their associations / societies in order to organise quality activities (SKILLS)





Period: January – April
Potential Participants: Undergraduates and postgraduates who are / were the office bearers of student bodies / organizers of student activities
No. of Activities: Around 10-15 each scheme
Past Activities (Examples):

Module 1

  • Workshop on MBTI®
  • Workshop on Personality Dimensions® (for Year 1 students only)
  • Drama workshop on self-relaxation


Module 2 (LIAISON)

  • Workshop on coaching
  • Workshop on audio description
  • Visits to NGOs or social enterprises such as Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services (HKSEDS), Green Ladies and i-Bakery Gallery Cafe
  • Workshop on upcycling
  • Sharing session on entrepreneurship of mid-aged ladies
  • Sharing session on social enterprise (鑽的)


Module 3 (TEAM)

  • 3-day 2-night Adventure camp
  • Outward bound programme (sponsored by Providence Fund) cartoon plane

Module 4 (SKILLS)

  • Workshop on complaint / conflict handling
  • Workshop on financial management of student bodies
  • Workshop on video clip shooting and editing
  • Workshop on public speaking
  • Workshop on mediation


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