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LG, Benjamin Franklin Centre & John Fulton Centre Spatial Reorganization




The Fast Food Shop and Pool Side Cafe at the Lower Ground Floor of BFC ceased operation in early 2015, providing an opportunity for the University to conduct an overall review of the space there so as to better serve the needs of students and staff. The University conducted a number of consultations and meetings with different stakeholders to collect their views on the spatial reorganization plan over the past year.

After thorough deliberation and taking stakeholders’ various needs into consideration, it was proposed that the space at the Lower Ground Floor of BFC and JFC be reorganized for different specific uses, including an enlarged supermarket, a vegetarian canteen, areas reserved for a co-op run by students, and a 24-hour activities centre. The Campus Development Office was entrusted to follow up with the building plans and alteration works, etc.

超級市場 Supermarket


The staff and student numbers have drastically increased over the last two decades, but the size of the supermarket remains unchanged since its opening in 1989. The expanded supermarket (to be open in December 2016) would provide a wider range of goods to fulfil various needs of our staff and students. Barrier free corridor/facilities could also be made available.


supermarket 1supermarket 2


The Services Units Management Sub-Committee conducts tenders to award contract of the supermarket operation. During the tender process, a working group will be formed to outline the tender requirements. The working group will review all tender documents and conduct interviews with tenderers if necessary. The tenderer whose tender being accepted will then be recommended to the Sub-Committee for endorsement.

二十四小時活動中心 24-hour Activities Centre

24hr act centre 2



A 24-hour Activities Centre will be in service for both staff and students starting from the 2016/17 academic year. It includes a Rehearsal Room and a Conference Hall. Users could make use of the Rehearsal Room for dance and drama practices, rehearsals or other training classes. The Conference Hall could accommodate up to 90 participants, it is an ideal venue for meetings and seminars.

24hr act centre 1

學生合作社 Student Co-op




The CUHK Student Union (CUSU) suggested establishing a student co-op on campus to promote non-formal education. CUSU is entrusted to manage and monitor the operation of the student co-op under a two-year agreement made between the CUSU and the University.

The student co-op is currently running second-hand exchange services. The student operator was awarded by the selection panel under a selection exercise organized by the CUSU to run the student co-op for one year.