Message from the Warden Student Ameninities Section - CUHK

TL Lee smallWelcome to I-House! The most diversified and internationalized on campus residence to connect students around the globe at CUHK! The start of a new school year is always exciting for school staff and students and I cannot wait to see all the new faces.


The Warden’s team is committed to provide opportunities that further enhance your university experience and contribute to your learning and development. To connect residents and foster international exchange experience for foreign and local students, we kick off with an orientation night (O’night) at the beginning of each semester. This is a signature event that features fabulous food, shows and games. Other activities will be organized by Resident Tutors, Warden’s family and I-House Resident Association (RA) established by residents with great hearts and passions in serving the I-House community. Previous RAs have provided residents through a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities, great mingling experiences, and communal services. You surely will enjoy the programmes and your horizon will be widened through these multicultural experiences.


The Warden’s team also strives to provide a pleasant and safe living environment for you. Resident tutors and Workmen are the key contacts for immediate support. Please take a minute to explore I-House website as it provides comprehensive information on I-house regulations and essential information to help you jump start your new adventure at I-house. So much for now, I look forward to meeting you all and would like to wish everyone a happy and successful school year.


Tin-Lap, Lee
I-House Warden